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Editing Zone reserves full rights to change or include any clause in its Terms and Conditions whenever required and without notifying anyone. The use of this website manages your agreement with the company as a successful long-term relationship. Always make sure that you have read and understood Terms and Conditions before placing an order to us. With this, you portray that you agreed with the rules and you are bound to obey these rules. For any disagreement with the Terms and Conditions of Editing Zone, we suggest you leave the page instantly.

Our service is only accessible to the individuals that are older than the legal age, 18. Else, you are not allowed to avail the services provided by editingzone.

Rules of Ordering:

Editing Zone suggests you to kindly read our rules of ordering thoroughly to sidestep any future complications.

  1. You must use his/her own credit card, debit card or PayPal account. Payments made through any third party’s account is strictly not permitted.
  2. You should provide valid and clear photo ID that could be national ID, driving license, or passport.
  3. The name of the payment maker must be same as his/her photo ID.

Remember, Editing Zone never deliver order until you provide proof of ID and we reserve rights to cancel your order simultaneously. We will refund your complete payment if you be unsuccessful in providing us identification.


Editing Zone reserves right for all the texts, images, graphics and other content displayed on the website. The trademark name and symbol of Editing Zone only belongs to the company and its possessions. The name of the company cannot be linked to any other fake product or service.

Site Amendment:

Editing Zone has full authority to modify, change or edit anything related to the webpage, rules and condition of use.

Personal and Contact Information:

Editing Zone asks for your personal and contact information for the purpose to communicate with the client. It is essential for you to share relevant and active information with the company so that it will be easier for us to interact with you via email, telephone, or live chat. Every shared information is safe and secure within the company’s premises.

Online Delivery of Work:

Editing Zone delivers all of the work online. It is your responsibility to provide us with the appropriate email address and other contact information to avoid any future consequences. The company will not be responsible if you fail to receive the content because of the inauthentic or inactive email address provided by you.

Online Payments:

All of the online payments should be made in GBP pounds only. As our client, it is your fundamental duty to be aware of the fluctuating exchange prices. If you are unaware of the exchange prices, you can calculate it on our webpage or ask our representative via online chat to calculate it for you.

Refund Policy:

Editing Zone values its clients more than anything. The company tries its best to provide best quality documents, however, if any of our clients feel disappointed with the delivered work then they can, in some rare cases, request for reimbursement. For more details regarding our refund policy, we suggest you to please have a look at our refund policy page for better understanding of this matter.

Revision Policy:

Editing Zone’s primary objective is to provide maximum customer satisfaction. However, if the company fails to do so, we offer revision policy. Our client can avail free revisions if we fail to meet your initial requirements and instructions. After you receive the order, please read it carefully, and for any further, please come back to us within 48 hours or as earliest as possible. For more details, you can scan our revision policy page.

Order Refusal Right:

Editing Zone reserves the right to refuse or reject any order for any notable circumstance. This rarely happens but it the service do so then the refund will be made within the period of 28 days.

For more details, contact us at support@Editing Zone.co.uk


Editing Zone is an emerging editing consultancy. Our passionate and professional consultants and editors provide exceptional consultation services and grammatically accurate editing solutions to consumers anywhere in the world.

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